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What’s the worst injury you sustained?

I fractured my collarbone a week before a competition a couple of years ago. But because I’d been training all year for it, I sucked it up and wrestled through the pain. I won first place, so it was totally worth it.

From Timeout Singapore January 2017


Free site comparison: versus Wealthy Affiliate

wpvswaOnce you get into Wealthy Affiliate and start  building a website with the free SiteRubix utility, you immediately ask yourself, “Hey this looks like WordPress!” Well, it is WordPress too, but not really. An apple-to-apple comparison is not possible. There is a more significant value proposition with Wealthy Affiliate, but this all depends on how savvy you are, what your goals are, and how willing you are to learn and work. Both platforms will require significant investments in terms of commitment, time and effort. Wealthy Affiliate though has owners Kyle and Carson to help you along. Labman is there too along with an engaged community, and if you are lucky, the person who introduced you to wealthy affiliate is a helpful sort too.

This does not mean you are on your own with Google is your friend, and there are tons of resources and community to support you, but if you like some leadership and tutoring then the scales tip in favor of Wealthy Affiliate. You will not need another resource at all.

Both free offerings give you just enough to get going, but if you are adventurous and want to leverage more features you will have no choice but to consider the paid options. I say just enough to get you going, but it does not mean that the free offerings are the same. So what is different?

The look and feel of the sites are determined by something called a theme. The free theme choices are different. Wealthy Affiliate provides a theme called screenr for free which is not even an option in (It is available for download if you have a local install, but that is not the subject of this post) does have more free themes to choose from though.

Wealthy Affiliate provides plugins for search engine optimization (SEO) and pages for search engines to ignore (like the privacy policy). To get full SEO features still requires further cash, but it is not essential. Kyle teaches you that in one of ten free training videos and explains all you need to be dangerous. To get anything SEO at would need a subscription to the business plan ($24.92 per month).

The free shines when it comes to social media integration. It is all there (for beginners anyway). Wealthy Affiliate needs a premium subscription (first month $19 and $49 per month after that) to get access to the easy tools.

Earlier I mentioned the value proposition. As the name Wealthy Affiliate implies, there is an affiliate program attached. has three payment plans in addition to the free plan: Personal ($2.99), Premium ($8.25) and Business mentioned before each offering different features. Once you are a Wealthy Affiliate member there are no further in-app purchases required, it is full featured.

So why pay nearly double ($49 vs. $24.92) for the full featured Wealthy Affiliate. Well, it is simple. Through the affiliate program, you can earn back the fees by referring others and make a tidy income on the side or full time. Of course, this can be achieved through too, but you will have to figure it out how the hard way.

Start exploring the options for yourself and share what you know in the comments section. If you can add to the conversation – critique, coaching, and sharing are welcome. I love to hear from smart people like you.

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Homeschooling and Predictable Outcomes

“Do not educate your child to be rich. Educate him to be happy, so when he grows up, he’ll know the value of things, not the price.” ~ Unknown

homeschool-dadThis quote holds two different points of view in my quest to provide my kids all they need in life. Of course, I want them to be happy. Happiness however in today’s urban lifestyle also depends on money. Moderate amounts of money satisfy physiological needs like shelter, food, security, etc.. Sure religion plays a part, but like money alone it does not guarantee happiness. Emotional or cognitive needs can be met by job satisfaction or achievement, which may be followed by a search for enlightenment. So how do parents of moderate means ensure that their children can provide for their children’s happiness as adults?

A traditional view is classic classroom-based education. We can naturally dismiss an education as a piece of paper, but we should know that the effort in attaining that qualification sets us up for success. Autopsies on the brains of educated people often show signs of advanced Alzheimer’s that never revealed itself while the person was alive. An education expands our ability to deal with complex issues without getting overwhelmed. Cognitive science shows that educated brains lead to a better quality of life. Actuarial tables predict longer, healthier lives for knowledgeable folks.

Something I am struggling with is predicting an educated outcome for my children. As a traditionalist, I can forecast success by going to public or private school, passing exams and presenting those results for university admission. A tertiary education expands our capacity and prepares one with the resilience to take on life’s challenges in the corporate world or as an entrepreneur.

I acknowledge that the non-traditional approach has also proven to be successful. I do not have the statistics, but through my biased lens, I expect success is less likely. Those who do succeed with a non-conventional education were probably smarter than the rest of us at the outset.

So why do I doubt homeschooling? Part of the reason is that teachers are college educated themselves. Can a mother with perhaps only a high school education and the happiness or her child in mind inspire a child to reach full potential? Maybe. After all, only the parents have the ultimate wellbeing of the child in mind. That said there are benevolent teachers too. The main reason I doubt homeschool is because I cannot predict the outcome.

Onward and Upward 2017

2016 Sucked

It’s all yours

Finally, 2016 is something of the past. The older I get the years pass faster. However, each year has more impact. 2016 has been a year of miserable failure for almost half of many. Half the UK voters lost to Brexit, Half the US voters lost to the Republicans. On the flipside, half won. So for those that failed it is time to pick up and move onward and upward in 2017.

Somehow through a life of exposure to US influence, the US election outcome has affected me deeply. If I can filter through the bullshit (which is hard) it seems we need to wait and see. That, unfortunately, needs faith, which rests on trust and boy do I feel tested with the Donald at the helm. It will probably all turn out fine.

2017 will be another step closer to a merger of real life and the online world. The world where, like Steve said, individuals can have untold influence. One guy tweets that drain the swamp is no longer a thing, and Newt makes up his mind that it is no longer a thing. The power of one!

We’ll see a year of the Truman Show blended with Back to the Future but more real. I’ll wait. It is just so scary when we talk of more nukes like they are microwave ovens.

Happy New Gregorian Calendar Year Everyone!

Be the best in the world

gritLyft drivers are fantastic. I got chatting to Mark. It turns out that he is a champion father. His daughter is a success in Europe. However, it is his son, Erik, that that is most interesting to me. Erik is a sailor. He has sailed almost all his life. Sailing is one of those sports where in a breath of wind all can be won, and for most, lost. Erik missed an opportunity to represent the USA in the recent Olympics by one place. As cruel as sailing can be, this is not Erik’s first disappointment. His resilience, or grit, has remained unshaken. Mark shared that he once asked Erik what drives him to succeed. The answer, “Be the best in the world!”
What is it that drives champions? Quite simply they perceive the gap between where they are to where they want to be far bigger than the rest of us. Our level of deficiency is not sufficient. Now that this is concept is understood reflect on your motivation and how much you would like to succeed. If drive and determination swell up inside you and you want to learn how to make extra cash, click here.

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Back to the wall

make money when back is to the wallMy worst memory was a time several months into unemployment. I was actively looking for work. Earlier I was indestructible. I had just completed a certification that qualified me as a sought after resource. Another couple of months passed. Only once I was wallowing in the deepest darkest depths of the valley if despair did my fortune suddenly change. Why is it that only once our backs are to the wall do we have the true motivation to press on?

The source of results lies in the foundation of experience. Experience molds our belief system. Our faith system drives our behavior. Our actions stem from our behavior, and with a decisive action, we achieve the results we want. Therefore, our motivation to achieve what we want all starts with the experiences we endure. It is therefore not surprising that successful authors or artists talk of dark days in their past. Check out a few biographies for evidence.

What are you experiencing right now? Is it enough to drive you to succeed? With hard work and grit there is hope. Click here to start your journey to success.

We don’t purposely plan to fail


That failed my friends

This site is all about finding ways to make more money. Let me be more specific, how regular folks like you and me can make more money.

Reflect for a second, what does it feel like to be wrong? The strange thing about being wrong about something is that it feels the same as being right. It is only once we realize that we are wrong or right that the despair or elation sets in.

In this space we plan to share some of the schemes that failed so that next time we succeed. You are invited to participate too. But participate in the spirit of correction and failing forward. Let’s learn from these trials so that we can plan better. Don’t be shy, share those missteps it may just be good therapy. By the lessons learned, we can plan the work and work the plan; then refine some. After all failing to plan is planning to fail.

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