Onward and Upward 2017

2016 Sucked

It’s all yours

Finally, 2016 is something of the past. The older I get the years pass faster. However, each year has more impact. 2016 has been a year of miserable failure for almost half of many. Half the UK voters lost to Brexit, Half the US voters lost to the Republicans. On the flipside, half won. So for those that failed it is time to pick up and move onward and upward in 2017.

Somehow through a life of exposure to US influence, the US election outcome has affected me deeply. If I can filter through the bullshit (which is hard) it seems we need to wait and see. That, unfortunately, needs faith, which rests on trust and boy do I feel tested with the Donald at the helm. It will probably all turn out fine.

2017 will be another step closer to a merger of real life and the online world. The world where, like Steve said, individuals can have untold influence. One guy tweets that drain the swamp is no longer a thing, and Newt makes up his mind that it is no longer a thing. The power of one!

We’ll see a year of the Truman Show blended with Back to the Future but more real. I’ll wait. It is just so scary when we talk of more nukes like they are microwave ovens.

Happy New Gregorian Calendar Year Everyone!


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