Be the best in the world

gritLyft drivers are fantastic. I got chatting to Mark. It turns out that he is a champion father. His daughter is a success in Europe. However, it is his son, Erik, that that is most interesting to me. Erik is a sailor. He has sailed almost all his life. Sailing is one of those sports where in a breath of wind all can be won, and for most, lost. Erik missed an opportunity to represent the USA in the recent Olympics by one place. As cruel as sailing can be, this is not Erik’s first disappointment. His resilience, or grit, has remained unshaken. Mark shared that he once asked Erik what drives him to succeed. The answer, “Be the best in the world!”
What is it that drives champions? Quite simply they perceive the gap between where they are to where they want to be far bigger than the rest of us. Our level of deficiency is not sufficient. Now that this is concept is understood reflect on your motivation and how much you would like to succeed. If drive and determination swell up inside you and you want to learn how to make extra cash, click here.

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