Back to the wall

make money when back is to the wallMy worst memory was a time several months into unemployment. I was actively looking for work. Earlier I was indestructible. I had just completed a certification that qualified me as a sought after resource. Another couple of months passed. Only once I was wallowing in the deepest darkest depths of the valley if despair did my fortune suddenly change. Why is it that only once our backs are to the wall do we have the true motivation to press on?

The source of results lies in the foundation of experience. Experience molds our belief system. Our faith system drives our behavior. Our actions stem from our behavior, and with a decisive action, we achieve the results we want. Therefore, our motivation to achieve what we want all starts with the experiences we endure. It is therefore not surprising that successful authors or artists talk of dark days in their past. Check out a few biographies for evidence.

What are you experiencing right now? Is it enough to drive you to succeed? With hard work and grit there is hope. Click here to start your journey to success.


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