We don’t purposely plan to fail


That failed my friends

This site is all about finding ways to make more money. Let me be more specific, how regular folks like you and me can make more money.

Reflect for a second, what does it feel like to be wrong? The strange thing about being wrong about something is that it feels the same as being right. It is only once we realize that we are wrong or right that the despair or elation sets in.

In this space we plan to share some of the schemes that failed so that next time we succeed. You are invited to participate too. But participate in the spirit of correction and failing forward. Let’s learn from these trials so that we can plan better. Don’t be shy, share those missteps it may just be good therapy. By the lessons learned, we can plan the work and work the plan; then refine some. After all failing to plan is planning to fail.

Click here to start working the best plan. Work hard. It is worth it.


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